Identity traces

Identity traces

The Birds.

Costume Show 2019

The Birds costume, 1950's design nod to

The Birds costume, 1950's design nod to


Birds Textiles, Inspired by nests and Sa

Phaedra historical re-design

A Historic re-design for the Greek tragedy Phaedra. Set in 1610 with neon orange pallet in scuba, neoprenes and ripstop. My Phaedra is in a mens cut decorated in laser cut leopard print cutouts, taken from hand painted leopard print designs.

Cunning little vixen (opera)

My cunning little vixen design where inspired by the follies and during the 1920s with the kimono being expanded to an exaggerated silhouette.

CLV Kimono


Mould slip.

Mould Textile