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Rowan Leckie is an artist intrigued by themes of belonging and identity as the connections between concrete science and the abstract of philosophical ideas in Phenomenology in relation to the human body and its experience within the World. She explores family and the history that each person holds in DNA and epigenetic inheritance. She likes to question the grey and in-between of everyday acceptances, the questions we have no answers to or feelings that cannot be easily articulated. These themes are applied in an autobiographical reaction to her own experiences.

​“These themes reappear in my work even when I am not directly aware of it. I create in a way to understand and discover things I don’t always feel can be explained or understood. My practice is rooted in intuitive responses to unanswered questions and feelings; I ground the unknown with solid research in areas that resonate with these themes. It helps me to understand myself, the World around us and my place within it”

Rowan Leckie works in a range of mediums making artworks in oils, inks and paints as well as exploring textiles and craft.


Original prints and greetings cards can be found in galleries and local business in and around the city, including the Dovecot Studios, and Edinburgh Bookshop.

If you are a shop and interested in stocking cards please e-mail for wholesale prices.


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